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Hold on to what is good even if it is a handful of earth.
Hold on to what you believe even if it is a tree which stands by itself.
Hold on to what you must do even if it is a long way from here.
Hold on to life even when it is easier letting go.
Hold on to my hand even when I have gone away from you.
- Pueblo Blessing

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Tuesday, Dec. 02, 2003 - 3:32 a.m.

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WARNING!!!! if you know me personally, you may read my diary, but if you do, you take the chance of hearing things you don't want to know, misunderstanding what I've written and being hurt by it. If you are unsure if it is ok to read, save yourself and me the grief and heartache, and ask first!!! Please note that this is a DIARY, ie my subjective feelings, hearsay, suppositions, and outpourings of ranting of the moment. It does not represent objective news, the whole of what I think of a topic or someone, or even a thought-out representation of any of the above. Keep that in mind. Thanks. * Here is a Diary Etiquette Read Me.

Unholy Bitching about Aftercare

A little bit of bloggy blurb. I am TRYING to work... yes, I should just entitle my whole site that: WENCHES WANNABE WORK ZONE. What do you think? I have managed to clean out three of my project boxes from my previous sept-oct work rush, so I can organize my three new projects in them. As a result I have found my desktop. So I MIGHT get some work done before I must head to bed. Hmph.

In the meantime I have been lamenting the deathly calm here in diaryland all day. What is up? everyone is on holidays from Thanksgiving onward??

Stupid quizilla interlude:


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Anyhowz, I have been off and on surfing, and I would like to point you in the direction of this spot-on and funnily informative entry on World AIDS Day by Marn. I was sent her way by Alternamommy, so thanks to her for that plug for Marn. Excellent.

Bebert, copyright 2003 Wench77
Besides that I was speaking on the phone with ChaosX, she of the fun evening the previous Saturday night, about our Unholy group, and what they think of the Fetish Cafe renovations. In general, despite the fact that they took over the whole back dungeon room, they were just bitchorama about the changes... the only ones I've heard so far with a negative opinion. I mean, really, before it had the atmosphere of a waiting room crossed with a breakfast cafeteria. urk. But for some reason these gals think that it should be a fully equipped dungeon with a DM, in fact they said there should be TWO DM's (Dungeon Monitors for those not in the know... I forget that these are esoteric terms to many... like in my babelessdyke survey, when I ask about bdsm, most said "what????"... it is a term short for bondage/discipline//domination/submission//sadism/masochism... or just plain ol' kinky sex in all its permutaions... well not ALL permutations, but a fair slice of em, which you would find in a fetish club or a play dungeon). They complained that there was no space for aftercare. Aftercare is taking care of someone after they have been playing (ie being blindfolded, tickled, flogged, pinched, or whatever stimuli you would care to apply in the name of play... ice cubes are fun. I'm fond of fingernails myself)... afterwards usually the person being played WITH (the bottom) is feeling tired, perhaps a bit disoriented (blindfold and all that), full of natural endorphins (like a distance runner), and perhaps emotionally vulnerable. It IS nice to have a quiet place to sit down and cuddle and have a cuppatea or a fruit juice. They complained that downstairs there is only play furniture, and upstairs where there is a nice sofa/ chair/ coffeetable setup, the music is too loud.

Lou, copyright 2003 Wench77
Well heavens to betsy, it is a bloody BAR, you know, a nightclub where people go out to have a beer, chat with their friends, maybe flirt a bit, dance a bit. Yup, a BAR. Not a bdsm private play party, or a bdsm members-only play dungeon. Both of which are wonderful things, but unless you sell memberships, you don't pay the bills. Very few people drink beer and tip the waitress while they are tied up, or on the other hand, dripping red candle wax on the back of someone tied up. No. BDSM does not pay the bills for a bar. They are not even supposed to be engaging in play that is intense enough to need a lot of aftercare. It is a bloody BAR, which by definition is a public space with possible inebriated people hanging out. yup.

So, for some reason they are disappointed that there was no DM, no aftercare space other than the sofas in the bar upstairs, and that there was a crowd (not intimate enough)... we can see who doesn't pay the rent!... Also, it was opening night. Apparently they liked there before when it looked like someone's basement in their parent's house (ie a washing machine wouldnt have looked out of place on the concrete floor), with no clients (cuz it was lacking in atmosphere).

Oh well, other than the aforementioned demoted-dj problem, I think it is sweet and the changes were great. It is true that a sofa to lounge downstairs would not be a bad thing, but not necessary. And I personally played the previous week and had no complaints except the Enya soundtrack, which was a bit urky, but I didnt hear it at all once we got going.

Another stupid quiz interlude. Key lime pie???!!!

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So, I did chat with ChaosX about that tonight. Hmm. And also about the eat and meet and greet and beat and tweet or whatever it was last night. The girls' potluck extravaganza. I'm gonna see if I can get some pics... we had fun after we ate, dressing up, cuz some of the women had brought some corsets [some of which were outrageously priced... hey Sleepyzoe!!! They had one made out of leather , with NO LINING, with everything (buckles and all) just riveted on, that they wanted $1000 for!! Unfuckinbelievable!! (hehe, everytime I use a swear word now I smile cuz one of the terms of putting that Bravenet Guestmap... please add yerselves... is no obscenities!! hehe)] So we had corsets, leather gauntlets, some wigs and makeup and somesuch, and a digital camera, and posed our little hearts out against a backdrop and a brick wall. It was a blast, and I got to see some of the photos last night. I'll see what I can do about getting some at least of me, though the ones of me with other girls were more fun, lots of laughing.

So, a pretty good night last night. And I brought home smoked salmon cream cheese. Quite decadent on a good rye bread toast dripping with butter. yessiree. Hmm, better be careful or that brokenheart diet that lost me 20 pounds is gonna be counteracted darn quick. And now is not the time, since at the weight I am now, I can fit my longjohns underneath my jeans with ease. Yay.

Well, that was supposed to be the very start of a very short entry, beginning a sort of blog. Hah! Well, it is 4am now, but I will try to get some doggy sketches done up quickly, and post a few. If you read this and there are no doggy sketches, come back tomorrow for a quick gander. yup.

byebye for now!!

Still another dumb quiz (not quizilla)

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4:36am Well I am amused that someone has removed me from their favorite diaries list instead of reading up on copyright law, and has written in her diary that I "attacked her" for offering cds of a singer on her website, and that I should attack child molesters instead. Hmm, yes. I guess as an artist, I am not a REAL ARTIST, since according to her a REAL ARTIST wants people to hear their music, and doesn't mind, in fact loves people spreading their music around. Funny, but all the real artists I know are broke and only give out their stuff as demos to try to get someone to actually book them to do something to make money. And when they are booked at a show they try like hell to sell as many as possible.

I assume that real car makers give away cars, real dentists fix teeth for free, real doctors are volunteers, and real teachers just teach for free too... maybe they record their lessons or write them down and then encourage people to copy it for free and give it out in the name of love of educating the masses.

Interestingly one reason why we hear about musicians doing benefit shows IS that their time and art is worth something. If it was free for everyone, no one could use it for a fundraiser, and it wouldn't exactly be a charitable donation.

Pouf, copyright 2003 Wench77
What I don't get is that among examples that it's ok she gives videotaping (I have NEVER watched a videotape of a movie that didn't have that big international copyright notice in front of it), and cdburners/ cds being legal. Personally I burn my own artwork onto my cds with my cd burner cuz it takes up too much memory on my computer when I've scanned a bunch in. Cds now have a surcharge on them precisely to pay for the revenues lost to piracy as do cassettes. She mentions rich musicians driving around in fur coats and limos, where the examples I gave were my own work, as well as her own webpages. But what I had called ironic in the first place, is that she has a copyright button on her own site, which states in great legalese that no portion of her pages may be reproduced in any manner or form, or redistributed etc etc, all the while claiming on the same site that she may reproduce and redistribute the creation of someone else. I mean, one can do both, but at least recognize it's ironic. And now on the very same page that has the copyright "don't touch my shit or else" button, she has written in her entry that she wouldn't care, in fact would love, for people to reproduce her entries on a cd and give them out.

Either she is a liar (because she took great pains to put her own name multiple times in the copyright button notice on her page, so she must care a lot about theft of her entries), or she is a complete hypocrite. I didn't think she was before, I just pointed out it was ironic, and then when she showed ignorance of the law (ignorance which she just continues to spread with disdain for artists except for the "real ones" who care enough about art to give it away) I suggested that she read up on copyright.

I am not so much interested in combatting this particular diarist who has somehow gotten into her head I have it out for her (obviously she didn't read my entry about copyright from way before she even discovered me or i her), as I am interested in combatting ignorance of copyright, since it affects me directly. I really don't give a fuck about whether Michael Jackson or Eminem earn 25 cents for a cd they sell or not. I care that people understand what copyright is, what it means, how it applies, and so they can CHOOSE when they are breaking the law, instead of claiming entitlement. It is this entitlement that wastes so much time and money and makes it acceptable for people to freak when an original painting is $400 whereas they will pay that monthly for a car payment. And buying a copy of something doesn't give you copyright ownership, it gives you ownership of the copy you bought. If people buy a painting of mine, they are allowed to have the painting in their house. They don't have the right to reproduce it. Nope. And thinking you do is just ignorance of the law. No one is going to punish you unless you do it really in a blatant manner, just cuz it is not worth anyone's while. Like they don't ticket everyone who drives 5km over the speed limit. Everyone does it. But if you get caught, they will give you a ticket. And you can't say "well I always do it" or "everyone does it" or "it's not fair cuz the judge is rich".

I swear if people could pop their car into a garage, push a button and twenty minutes later get a copy to give away to their friends (cuz they think the Lexus is just the best, and a real car designer would be just happy that people drive their cars) I guess they would.

Jules, copyright 2003 Wench77
But the average musician makes peanuts. And the average artist makes peanuts. And for every painting that is sold for $1000, the artist has probably worked on 25 paintings that never sold. For every artist who has a hit record, there is probably 10-20 years of unpaid practicing their instrument, writing music, taking lessons, playing in bars and only just covering costs. Not to mention that with the exception of a few aging rocker exceptions, most "rich musicians" have a career life of maybe 10 years if they're lucky, before they're playing in a dive. What do you bet that 50cent is not driving around in a limo when he's 60?? No, in general musicians are poor people who strike it rich, have a few hit records, and then go back to being regular people, maybe teaching music somewhere. How many singers whose records you listened to in 1975 do you still buy in a record store???

Anyways, it is still ironic to have someone write on the same page that they threaten people not to copy their stuff, that they would LOVE to have people copy their stuff. At that point it is not even ironic anymore.That is just dumb. Don't do it. Yup. Dumb.

note to self: let up a little on pitbull tendencies on issues. no one will want to pet you anymore.

note to others: if you see me fucking around with copyright on the same page as I have copyrighted work of my own, you are perfectly welcome to call me on it and call me a dumb twit, ok! And I shall attempt to concede gracefully, that indeed I am. yes.

Well, I sort of cheated. Only one of the doggy drawings I actually did tonight. The others I did two nights ago. I am a shiftless lazy webaddicted procrastinating nightowl. So there. poop and scoop. More work tomorrow. Wish on me a sunny day. yup. but I don't think it gonna happen. nope. must go to bed, grammar and capital letters have bitten the dust. ciao-o la prochaine.

goodnight to me, pitbullwenchie.

...if you want to read any more about me bitching tonight... yay yay! you can read the previous entry Diary Advice. Sigh, I should just work more and write less!! ... Damn!! I just reread today's horoscope... and yup I should just stick to the copyright issues in my contracts and fuck the rest. Sigh. Leave it to our up and coming copyright lawyer, ye ol Legalbeagle! YAY LEGALBEAGLE!! :)

Haha! I am turning this entry into the blogarama I suspected it might be. Because it is 7:24 am and I am not in BED yet! I really do like early morning radio... no long classical pieces and aimless jazz (yeah, I know, I'm not sophisticated and musically educated. Hell I prefer country cuz at least the lyrics are often funky and the songs funny)... anyhowz I am here going to plug someone else who rants about art and not giving it away... yeah, her name is Ugly, and she calls herself a dark artist. Read her rants here. Peruse the rest of her site if you dare. Some funky stuff. Haven't looked at it all yet myself. mm.

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