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Hold on to my hand even when I have gone away from you.
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Friday, Jun. 24, 2005 - 5:10 a.m.

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WARNING!!!! if you know me personally, you may read my diary, but if you do, you take the chance of hearing things you don't want to know, misunderstanding what I've written and being hurt by it. If you are unsure if it is ok to read, save yourself and me the grief and heartache, and ask first!!! Please note that this is a DIARY, ie my subjective feelings, hearsay, suppositions, and outpourings of ranting of the moment. It does not represent objective news, the whole of what I think of a topic or someone, or even a thought-out representation of any of the above. Keep that in mind. Thanks. * Here is a Diary Etiquette Read Me.

Happy Little Socialist

Wahoo wahoo!!!
I just got the news!! The Liberal budget here in Canada passed last night!! YAHOO!!! That means the minority government stands. I am not a Liberal fan, but I am definitely anti-Conservative party, and am very glad that they are being sidelined, and being sidelined by my faves, the New Democratic Party. Yes, Jack Layton (the horrid socialist!!) is whom I voted for in the last federal election... it is no secret. And the minority Liberals made a deal with Jack Layton to put many social issues into the budget in order to get the NDP's support for the budget. If the budget had not passed, we would have gone to a new federal election. Which no one wants.

"The NDP budget deal, struck this spring when the Liberals desperately needed allies in Parliament, erased corporate tax cuts and replaced them with $4.6-billion for housing, the environment, education and foreign aid."

Oh fuckin socialists... want $$ for housing, the environment, the education and foreign aid... how anti-Canada is THAT?? The citizens should be up in arms I tell ya.

So, YAY!!

Stephen Harper, Mr. Laquered Hair, who is basing his career on smearing everyone else, rather than leading the country (that includes being anti-gay marriage), is bitching bitching bitching. Apparently most of the Conservative MPs left parliament (eager to have a long weekend???) when the vote came up. So he's screaming "not fair".

I find that ironic, considering that as recently as March 2005, his Conservative MPs WERE in parliament and sat out a budget vote without voting one way or the other in order to get what they wanted. He didn't call "not fair" then.

You may notice in the article I linked above, that it says

"The Conservatives could only sputter and fume after their unofficial partners in the Bloc Québécois deserted them to join the Liberals and the NDP to cut off debate on the budget"
... they just had him quoted on the radio :
“When push comes to shove the Liberals will make any deal with anybody,” Mr. Harper said after he was forced to rush back for a midnight vote. “And it doesn't matter whether it's with the socialists or with the separatists or any bunch of crooks they can find.”
Again ironic, since HE is the one who has been chumming up to the separatist Bloc Quebecois very openly for months now. Funny how if the separatists want the same as him (to chop up the country... the Bloc gets Quebec, the Conservatives get the rest) it is all lovely, but if the separatists support the govt in power, they are suddenly a dirty word to throw around with disdain as allies for ANYONE. I bet that doesn't win him any Bloc support in the near future. He shows his true anti-French colors. "any bunch of crooks they can find" huh.Asshole. Yes, I said Asshole. As I said, I don't like his anti-gay conservative, pro-American (that's a spoof poster, and it says "Stephen the All-Powerful: "and if you could do everything like George W. Bush for 4 years?", capitalism-first laquered haired head. Here's another typical Stephan Harper political cartoon.

The rest of his party isn't any better. Listen how they react to um, wow, different political parties working together:

They reacted with unfiltered rage.
Conservative deputy leader Peter MacKay described his foes as a menage a trois between separatists, socialists and power-hungry Liberals.
Liberals claims of making the minority Parliament work was “all just one big, fat stinking lie” and then went further, comparing the Liberals to one of Hollywood's most heinous homicidal cannibals.
“We have to start thinking that Hannibal Lecter is running the government and they'll do anything they have to do to win.”
Tory MP John Reynolds was ranting about the Liberals jumping “in bed with the devil” -- the Bloc Québécois.

Hannibal Lector! The Devil! Because they made a deal for more $ for housing, education and other social services. Goddamn, the citizens may soon get something back from their taxes, instead of just handouts to big business. wow. Also, ironic is that Harper and co. are acting like the MPs that the minority Liberals are cutting deals with are somehow NOT the voice of the people. The Liberals have a minority because many of us voted for those horrid separatists and horrid socialists. For once, instead of winner takes all, leaving the other 48% of the population in a lurch, the minority govt has to work with most of that non-winning vote to give everyone a bit of something they voted for. So they are actually bitching about the MPs that WE the people sent to lobby for our interests are actually getting those interests met by having a govt that has to consider us. This is a REAL democracy, where the representatives of three different political bents have to agree on something. yay!

Anyways, it was very exciting, since they had been saying earlier that having a rush vote last night was a super huge risk, with the budget either going through or the government falling. If the budget went through, the next on the agenda before summer break is the gay marriage bill. If the government fell, no gay marriage bill, just another effin election to spend $ and time on. Who knew Canadian politics could be EXCITING!! Not me! oh... looks like the gay marriage bill is slated to go through.

OK< this is one happy liberal socialist (small L liberal, not big L Liberal eh! thanks!)

In other news... the insurance claims guy came by today. It was very thrilling since he had a fancy gadget that had a little needle that showed the level of humidity, and screamed beep beep beep when it was wet... and he ran it on my ceiling (I need to take out about four or five feet wide, not just patch it as is. And same or worse on the ceiling of the 2nd floor (I thought only 2 feet wide. Nope. AND the wall plaster from ceiling to floor on the 2nd floor, about 4-5 feet wide. The little beeper thing was totally FREAKING OUT from humidity in the walls and ceiling I tell ya. Even the kitchen cupboards might have to come out.
copyright 2005 wench77. Arrow is where the drip was, circle is what needs to be cut out. Yes, that is Disappearing Boy's faux finis ceiling and walls. Nice.

copyright 2005 wench77 that there's the water soaked into the wall under her overflowing sink
I didn't know how happy I'd be to have insurance. They are totally organised. They have the guy to evaluate the damage. They will get me a contractor to estimate and do the work. I would be lost without them I tell ya.
This is my first claim ever (I realize how incredibly lucky I've been to never had had a fire, a flood, a theft other than bicycles) and I am happy so far.Let me tell you how happy I am that the insurance guy says he is going to write quite the official letter to the "you're making a big deal about nothing... so I didn't do the dishes, or shut my tap off properly and dirty scummy dishwater dripped into the walls for 24 hours... so what" girl. OOOO she's gonna regret it. It will be nice to show it isn't just me being drama, but actually her negligence is actually certifiable damage-causing negligence. I tell ya that will be something to back me up if I take her to the Regie du Logement to throw her out in the future (no I am not going to throw her out now... just write a letter telling her if she does anything bothering the other tenants or the building I am taking her to the Regie for eviction).

copyright 2005 wench77, Yes that is the cat piss on her kitchen counter. You can see on the mirror where the cat sprays.
She was STILL throwing out stuff yesterday from her apartment. I cannot believe she actually let a cat ruin her sofa
, two or three chairs, duvet, and TONS of other stuff. sheesh. It does make me feel totally on top o fthe cat piss problem at MY place... I deal with it immediately, and haven't got ANY smell in my apartment, or had to throw ANYTHING out. Crikey.

copyright 2005 wench77, you can see from the cat piss that there is a spot where a glass was, and it was moved, and something square sitting in it that was moved. That indicates a human passed by there and moved things sitting in the cat piss, but left the piss without wiping it up. Total proof. urk
Now if I had a little cat pee smell detecter thingie like that humidity detecter thingie I would be very happy. Oh! Did you know that the way to take photos of humidity
damage is to hold the screaming needle going off the high end detecter thingie against the wall and take a photo of IT? Brilliant.

On other news, which isn't news really, since it is several years old, apparently marijuana doesn't actually fuck over the brains of long term chronic users as has been rumoured for years. Really hardcore users have some minor short term learning and memory issues, but that is very little, and apparently doesn't even show up on brain scans. Unlike damage from alcohol and most hardcore drugs. Interesting. It is a relief for those wanting to use marijuana medicinally.

OK, gotta get to bed. More work tomorrow. I thought Disappearing Boy was going to come by tonight, but I guess his rendezvous in the evening went later than expected and he never showed up here (I told him it didn't matter... so it isn't like he stood me up). It's the long weekend here, being St Jean-Baptiste day on the 24th of June... the Quebec National Day. Many things have short hours or are closed.

OK< I think I'll actually try to scan in some photos to go with this. I have become exceedingly lazy about uploading photos. I used to never do more than two entries without visuals (either quizzes or photos). Dang.

happy little socialist

ps, first entry tonight is here.

woohoo! More late-breaking news... New Brunswick has just approved gay marriage in a legal challenge. That leaves only PEI, Alberta and the Northwest Territories in Canada that don't already have legal gay marriage. I live in a country that actually respects the word and spirit of its constitution. Halleluhiah!

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