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Barbara - 2004-01-09 08:53:20
Is this woman nuts? I'm only at the beginning of entry with her explaining *ALL* that information to a 6 year old! I think, I'll just keep this window open till I finish reading.....major chunks of this entry, I read and just don't get, Mme, bdsm, etc......ah, have fun in Toronto. And the burning barrel story was a true story, lifted from the local news.
sleepyzoe - 2004-01-09 10:17:44
I always think of exes at this time of year...not sure why. I think it's perhaps because so many significant events have taken place around the holidays/new year....break-ups, post berak-ups, reunions, etc. Of course, I always tend to revisit past experiences everytime I come to an 'end' of yet another failed relationship. I use 'end' loosely since R is still a part of my life (as in, not just fodder for tears and regret)...I do believe you're right...long lost twins!! ha! Anyhow, I really liked this entry, reminded me a lot of things I've felt and said so many times over. I will be replying to your lovely emails, but it may be a couple days as I'm having company for the whole weekend! Hooray! Keep warm, and I can't wait to see color doggies!!
JL - 2004-01-09 13:02:42
Shit, Mary should be glad to have you around to "bring up" those things, so her kids (finally!, as barbara said) learn from her instead of their friggin peers- where they'd learn that women have holes in their bellies and "gay" means "nerd" and sex is when a man puts his hand up your skirt. Also, heehee, women are so goddamned demanding! Relationships w/ men are SO fuckin' easy. Just show up and be smarter and prettier than them, right? They're impressed by anything. No emotional drama, no high expectations, no nothin'. At least our society's awful gender codes made *that* easy. (Still, I'd take the equal-wage-thang any day.)
nancy - 2004-01-09 14:29:55
yea, definetly yay! for you!!
onewetleg - 2004-01-10 18:14:24
the 'evil flagship' store is at the corner of mission and van ness. just a few more blocks from me than i prefer. meh. love, ps. the 101 things will be posted tonight. i don't think im going to change very much. byeee!
ob - 2004-02-08 23:11:50
you are shallow. i cannot believe the ass comment you made. you are not welcome at any event my Ma'am is at, especially the Exiles or any after party She is hosting. sure, show up. let's see where it leads. i can't stand you right now.

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