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Evil - 2004-10-07 01:32:18
Unreal. You haven't finished your enry and I already feel as though I want to rip my eyes from thier sockets.
Can I say Hi to my mom?
radiogurl - 2004-10-07 02:16:43
Whew... I swear I've had a lot of those same discussions. Or arguments. Or however you categorize them. Days like those, you tuck your sanity into a velvet bag and don't bother trying to retrieve it until after the company has gone. If you do, it might disappear forever! *Hugs* I know that some things are good, some are bad, and some will simply make you want to go somewhere and cry. Just remember, it's not forever...
Avalonte - 2004-10-07 05:00:17
Haha! That is so real. I feel as though I am there! I have had almost exactly the same conversations. Not with my dad, but with other people. Sorry he's driving you nuts! xx
nancy - 2004-10-07 05:35:35
yea sounds like some of the things i go through with my son...
mom-on-roof - 2004-10-07 09:22:56
Didn't think ANYTHING could make me appreciate my own Dear Old Dad any more, until I read your entry today. Girl, you just don't back down, do you? Good for you! Sounds like your Dad's therapy is working overtime. It's something though, that there are lots of laughs and hugs mixed in there too, you're lucky for that.
Testy - 2004-10-07 09:54:35
Damn, I could not even read all of that. I did not need to. I have had the exact same conversation (substitute salad making for any other menial task around the house) with my father. I think these episodes are instigated by God, because he needs a laugh every now and then too.

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