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Bree - 2005-05-26 13:11:41
OMFG!!! Thanks for that link. Crazy hets, man. I'm going to declare a day for "Brown hair Pride" - I often feel so isolated having brown hair. I think networking with other brunettes will really help me to cope.
onewetleg - 2005-05-26 15:51:03
hurrah! succinctly put, as always. hey bree, i am a brunette. we should network.
naturalone - 2005-05-26 17:18:33
Wenchie777777, please spare the child you're thinking of adopting,,,,,,,,,,, the drama of a messed up life. you as a mom ,,,,,would be a tough/queer/freak/bitter pill of a single parent to swallow. All of the fears you have about being an adopted parent,,,,,, are valid. All of the concerns about YOU,,,,being a MOTHER ,,,,are valid. Spare the kid. Don't be so selfish.I've read your diary and I conclude, in my unprofessional diagnosis, You are not stable,.,,,, grounded.....,,,parent type. you live with an "ideal" of parenthood. but face it. even the neighborhood thinks you too anoying to invite out for a social evening..they avoid you. what would that outcast kid feel? 100 times that. adopted children need to assimilate not be isolated.. they benefit from other siblings, too. and a parent or parents with insurance...benefits. normal sleep paterns. a history of NO depression/suicide/depenency....cronic heath conditions...did i read your adopted sibling left your family because of the above at an early are you any different? move on from this obsession to the next to spare an innoccent kid. think about it. really.....
radiogurl - 2005-05-26 20:36:27
What's the aforementioned writer smoking? Whatever it is, she should be locked away for her own protection. Just because you're not the stereotypical heterosexual family doesn't mean you can't be a loving parent and raise a healthy child. I know whereof I speak: I did the hetero family thing and it was a disaster. I'm not gay or bi but neither do I think it's relevant to either your parenting skills or to your ability to love unconditionally. *Hugs* You are an amazing person and I believe you will make a WONDERFUL mother!

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