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Monday, Sept. 13, 2004 - 11:56 p.m.

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WARNING!!!! if you know me personally, you may read my diary, but if you do, you take the chance of hearing things you don't want to know, misunderstanding what I've written and being hurt by it. If you are unsure if it is ok to read, save yourself and me the grief and heartache, and ask first!!! Please note that this is a DIARY, ie my subjective feelings, hearsay, suppositions, and outpourings of ranting of the moment. It does not represent objective news, the whole of what I think of a topic or someone, or even a thought-out representation of any of the above. Keep that in mind. Thanks. * Here is a Diary Etiquette Read Me.

Wenchie Does Kink on the Weekend


Wow, it is great how about 8 or 9 hours of good solid sleep can make one feel human again!

So here I am folks! I AM waiting on lovely digital camera photos of our going-out-to-playparties outfits on Friday and Saturday night, taken in the hotel bathroom (all that cool white tile, so good to make us look dashingly kinky, vs the beige striped wallpaper with flower prints in fake gold frames in the main hotel room area). If we are lucky, my roomie for the weekend, bodymods boy, will email them to me and you can see for yourself. At least my outfits if not his.

And since I DON'T yet have the visual goods on this past weekend (my own camera is only on pic # 8 out of 27 or so, so it'll be a long wait since it was the disposable camera, used mostly for outings)... I offer you photos of me and Lucky Kitty from our Evil Dead 2 Musical outing! (having finally gotten permission to post them)... we are such fetching ghouls!!


Aren't we just smashing?? Lucky Kitty brought the grey pancake makeup and I had the fake blood and green and black makeup from Halloween. The lighting is a bit wonky... my hair was a backcombed red wig. It was a good night.

So, the Kink weekend in Toronto... yehhhh... I had a great time.

Now it WOULD have been nice to know we were leaving at 2pm and not noon, as I could've gotten up at around 1pm instead of 10:30 am, and been less zonked all day Friday (a bad start for the weekend, having about 5 hours sleep on Thurs night)... I had a horrible time focussing on packing so didn't get to bed til way late.

Anyways, the drive down with Hotsauce was nice and fun. We listened to the Ramones and other old punk type groups on the way there. Poor Hotsauce has acid reflux disease or something so is stuck eating tapioca pudding, chicken rice soup, plain yogourt and pecan flavoured Ensure. how horrible. So he couldn't partake of the nummy tomato sandwiches and citrus fruit gummies I noshed on. He was a wee bit insane and tried Tim Horton's coffee (after buffetting his tummy with Ensure)... his first coffee in like 6 weeks. Big mistake. It woke him up for driving but apparently tortured him (not in a good way) the rest of the evening.

He wasn't going to the kink convention, but was on his own mission to search out suitable femme dommes with a mean streak with whom he'd been corresponding online. So he just dropped me off at the hotel.

Bodymods boy was already there, and it was nearly 8:30pm so we dressed immediately and went to the theater/bar where the play party was taking place. I was a wee bit stressed since I thought I'd be in TO by 6:30 pm, and had offered serving duty anytime after 8pm. We got there just before ten, and they had JUST decided to put the food out so I was on time. Just. I really wish I had had time for a meal. I only had eaten a bowl of cereal at 11 am, and the tomato sandwich in the car. (can you hear the tummy rumbling yet??)

Anyways, I was doing my girly fag look... white jockstrap with my softie packing dick, white socks with black army boots. My black leather chest harness from Aslan leather, a black leather belt over the waistband of the jockstrap, and my blond fluffy Lady Godiva wig. No makeup. Very clean and gayboygirly. Quite nice.

Here is my entry card for the whole weekend, taken with the wig on (and a shirt over the harness since I'd just come in from the street):

I was lucky to have several people tell me I had the best outfit there that night. Once again I was heartened by a attendee who asked me a "personal question"... was I a guy with tits or a girl with a dick. I just answered "makes you wonder doesn't it!!" and smiled.

Anyhews, I did service detail. They informed me I was major server #1, in fact the ONLY server. ooo! I thought I'd be the # 5 sousservice. hehe. So I basically figured it out all myself. Someone said it was a good position for a sub. Well, an enterprising sub, cuz i had no job orientation. At one point i was stopped with my tray of goodies (fruit slices, chips and dip, veggies)... I had apparently gone over the tape on the floor indicating "no food beyond this point" space in the room for playspace. Who knew! I really would've liked a simple orientation like that: "Please serve only on this side of the room, no food or drink in the playspace, take empty glasses and bottles over to the other bar" etc... oh well. So I learned on the job.

I commandeered one of the food trays to take munchies around, and had to requisition a busbin, hot water and a bar wipe.

But once I had my methods down, I was faulted only for being TOO attentive to duty (when Bodymods boy suggested I munch while I worked... eeewww! Who wants to eat fruit put on a tray with the same hands that were just seen shoving food into the waitress's mouth? chaw chaw! how uncouth!!... and there was no wetbar in the area to wash my hands properly without leaving my post)

So, I did four complete hours of serving munchies, clearing tables, topping up bowls of chips, consolidating dwindling trays of veggies so it always looked tempting instead of picked over. In short I got to live out all my "perfect waitress" fantasies that run through my head every time I go to a restaurant and think "I could do a better job at this".

Apparently the people working at the bar in the same building were supposed to be busing tables but I think they just did a quick runthrough for bottles (not removing the mayhem of dipstained styrofoam plates littering the tables and floor) about every half an hour. That is why I decided to commandeer a bus bin: I picked up bottles and glasses as I did trash duty. Every twenty minutes or so I'd go back over to the wet bar in the other room with a full bin and they told me they thought i was the one working hardest of all of us that night. And plied me with lovely words of praise and my own glass of peach schnapps on ice under their bar counter! :D Every time I came over the wonderful older (quite butchy in attitude, quite handsome) lady bartender would ask how my "cocktail" was doing and top it up. And the dropdead gorgeous boi (boy? i swear with some people original bio gender is NOT evident!) in wifebeater and funky cowboy hat would empty my bin and return it to me with a lopsided grin. Now that was incentive I tell ya!!

Also notable were the playscenes in the background: there was a wonderful sort of honeycomb red suspension frame set up in the back where ladies were being tied in Japanese rope bondage and hung under exquisite lighting. There was a prepared blood play area where an intense piercing scene was taking place. Many crosses with various forms of "torture", and a bullwhip area taped out on the floor, with the impressive crack of the whip snapping across the air. Quite a lovely atmosphere to be wiping crumbs off tables in I tell ya. I'd take a job like that on weekends! I decided I can sometimes be a service sub, but I am perhaps more aptly a perfectionist workaholic!

On Friday night the crowd was quite early... it really faded out around 12:30 midnight. Bodymods boy went off with a German domme and her well-dressed female friends to a goth bar I believe. I got to hang out with the other volunteer staff. A very sexy young woman in a corset at coatcheck munched with one hand while enthusiastically fondling my dick with her other. And then we cleaned up and I washed dishes.

By then it was 2am and can you believe, having eaten like three pieces of cheese (one inch square), a couple crackers, a melon slice or two, that I was about to die of hunger? I wandered about on the streets and ended up eating 2-4-1 pizza. How classy! And reading an article about the non-too-subtle addictive tendencies of the lesbian soap opera, the L-Word, on intelligent academic dykes. LOL! I can relate.

Back at the hotel I didn't get to sleep right away since Bodymods boy had returned and was eating chicken wings and watching a subtitled swedish movie on tv. Silly me!!

Saturday morning I managed to get out of bed by 9:30 am and shower and dress in the transluscent black top with silver tattoo-like print on it that I bought last weekend at the street sale (with red bra underneath), torn black seamed hosiery, and my black suede skirt. The first workshop, at 10am, was "Old World Etiquette"... it was taught by a British expatriot who is a 24/7 sub to one of the other presenters that weekend. It was mostly a list of do's and don't's expected of ladies and gentlemen in the victorian era. I would have liked that he have given out photocopies of the list, which was quite extensive. Do you know that in a formal dinner setting, there are **43** pieces of cutlery per place setting?? Did you know that men always walk on the outside on the sidewalk so that when people threw dishslop and toilet slop out of windows it landed on them and not on the lady? And that gentlemen never swear? I bet that rule was put in place after the resulting toiletslop language. hehe. Gentlemen walk behind the lady always, but walk up the stairs BEFORE the lady so he doesnt look at her butt or under her skirt while ascending. Interestingly ladies and gentlemen never spread or listen to gossip, BUT one of the reasons to adhere so strictly to manners and protocol is because your reputation preceeds you and can make or ruin your reputation for life. Um, does anyone see a little disparity between these two expectations?? Jeepers.

And then there are all the rules about "a younger lady always rises when an older lady enters the room"... can you just IMAGINE the social messes if you do not know the actual ages of women?? Is it more insulting to assume they're older and rise for them, only to discover you are older (and imply that they look aged) or more insulting to not rise, thus not respectful if they ARE older?? oooo!! One could not rise out of disrespect and then CLAIM that you THOUGHT that they were SOOO young since they look so youthful... imagine the possiblities to show disrespect while pretending to compliment someone?!! ooo! And me, people always take me as about ten years younger than I am. I can just imagine. Do I stand for people who are thirtyfive and thus fulfil their expectations? Or do I not stand since I am older, and have them be totally (and incorrectly) insulted since they think I am younger?

One is beginning to see that such rules work VERY well within a closed society, where you and your parents have probably attended every marriage, christening and death in the past 400 years in a particular social group... where you would know the age, the social standing, the marital status etc of every person present. If not I cannot imagine whatsoever how it could be practiced. Much like walking into a room, not knowing who is who, and being expected to bow to the ones above you, and be bowed to by the ones below you. Hmm. Now we see why the military has all those stripes.. .so you don't get beheaded just out of not knowing who someone is. hehe.

So, that was fun though I learned very little. I will still offer to open doors, to pick up dropped items for other people, and remember to remove my gloves for meals and place them on my lap under my napkin. hehe

Then there was a half hour break. I begged the organizers to tell me WHERE there was food... and they offered up Tim Hortons or Harvey's. AAGH!! 2-4-1 Pizza, a tomato sandwich and now fast food for breakfast?? When I expected to be directed to someplace with real food they told me I was spoiled since I come from Montreal. (weird since Toronto has many wonderful granola type restaurants... just the ones I knew of were half an hour walk away) They let me have a muffin for my exemplary service the night before. Sweet of them. jeesh.

The next workshop at noon was Mild-Mannered Sadism. It was ok. The presenter was funny. He was sort of a movie buff computer geek, who said Marvin the Martian was more him than a serious tall dark imposing Dom dressed in black. I was amused but didn't learn anything new... I already know that I can look within myself to see what sort of domme I would like to be personally, and that I shouldn't feel I have to be a stereotype. I guess this was a good workshop for people just starting out.

It ended a bit early so we had nearly 45 minutes, and Bodymods boy had just gotten up so we went with another guy (a cutie, the way I like men, rather small, short and gay-looking) who I"ll call extract-boy (for Pure Artificial Vanilla Extract.. which is how he identifies, vs really kinky) for something to eat. Incredibly, despite the organizers only knowing of fast food, there was actually a family diner with real food just around the corner. So I had a spinach feta omelet in under half an hour. yeah!!

Back to the conference, we went to a genderplay workshop. It was sort of fun, but mostly cuz the presenters had a lot of personality and were quite flirtatious among themselves... a dyke couple, one of whom was doing butch (packing, facial hair, tie etc), and a girl who is a bioboy. She was the most interesting, since she has two distinct personas with different names, clothes and mannerisms... her bioboy persona, who is a responsible het male engineer, and her girl persona, who is fragile, doesn't deal with bills etc, and is very femmey and also a virgin. Interesting.

The hints about packing, dressing, and facial hair etc weren't very informative to me, once again cuz I have quite a bit of experience in the area. I had hoped for more interactive workshop. Also I was surprised that there weren't more people who played with gender there... more transmen, and bois, more transvestite women etc. Strange. Maybe it was the other workshops in the same timeframe. I don't know.

After the gender play workshop we went to the cutting workshop.

This was quite fun. Though she only did one cutting. We did get to use our scalpels on tomatoes. Turns out i am quite good at that. I didn't see any strangers I was dying to cut the skin of, though I guess I could've looked harder. Bodymods boy and I thought there could have been more info on aftercare etc. The safety info seemed incredibly minimal. I think Bodymods boy should do the cutting workshop next year, and he agreed. (he is not called bodymods boy for nothing). I did realize that I liked the #15 scalpel blades that the presenter let us try more than the #10 blades that I have always used (to disect fetal pigs and earthworms!) I thoroughly enjoyed the cutting, but I had some flashback emotional moments when she finished the cutting and I thought "take a print with a paper towel to show him" when she started wiping off the blood running. (they did initials on his arm near the shoulder... since he was sitting up the blood ran down alot rather than pooling in the lines of cutting).

It just reminded me of when ob did cuttings on me, esp the first time which was so beautiful. We drank red wine together and I said "I give you my blood, I give you my love, I give you my trust"... and lay down on a white nightgown with my arms spread out, in candlelight. It was truly beautiful, truly. She took a print of the cutting on a paper towel. In the workshop I thought of that and thought that is probably just more stuff that was meaningful that instead of keeping and treasuring as a beautiful moment in her life, she probably threw out as just so much more trash. Hmmm.

Sometimes I wish I weren't such a sap. But I like having real emotions, and valuing memories, I do. That was truly a beautiful moment with her, an incredible and powerful intimacy and connection.

So, the cutting workshop concluded the day on Saturday. It totally raced by zoom zoom.

I browsed a bit through the vendors area... lots of leather playtoys... restraints, floggers, handmade rope, some chainmail etc. Nothing I really needed or desired.

Bodymods boy and I went to The Living Well, a lovely restaurant on Yonge street, for supper. We both had salads... I had a warm spinach salad with bacon and blackened chicken. noom noom (pronounce it) as Hotsauce would say.

Another play evening... Bodymods boy got dressed up in his new pvc bodysuit, knee high boots with dozens of buckles (very cool), and his tits (very nice squooshy tits... high quality!), and I wore black fishnets, the red panties with black laceups on the front that ob gave me, again with my softie packing dick, my tall Harley boots, and I made myself a knotted black rope body harness... Bodymods boy helped me deal with the excess length by braiding me a tail at the back, which got lots of remarks throughout the evening. I slicked my hair back with gel... the olympic swimmer look I call it, and did dark eye makeup and eyebrows. Very fun.

The playspace was CRAMMED on Sat night, and there was another event at the adjacent bar, so there was no service for me to do really (they just put out a table of food near the door), and no opportunities to bus to the sexy husky bartender and the adorable cowboy. Dang. So I wandered about checking out playscenes (didn't really stop to watch any in detail) and the rest of the time I played touchie feelie with extract-boy and the girl he was with off and on.

Around midnight or a bit later they found me and said they were going to go since she'd had a migraine all night... but we started making out again (that girl can kiss! AND BITE!! nibble nibble!)... we ended up getting incredibly hot and steamy standing there... and they said maybe she needed a nurse as well as a doctor! So we all went back to my hotel room.

I did a silly thing and sat down to pee forgetting I had a tail, so got it in the (clean) toilet water, and had to take off my sexy harness. They were sweet and helped me out. We got vertical but after a bit of making out, the sweet girlie said she really DID need to go to sleep between being incredibly overtired and STILL having a migraine. So we didn't even get pants off, dang!! But it turns out he lives in Montreal, and she is very interested in visiting. So maybe we'll have fun yet. They WERE slightly bummed when I said "dang! here I thought this was a good opportunity to have my first sex in 15 months".. hehe.

It still was very fun getting totally hot and bothered, so it was not a loss at all. And extract-boy said he'd never been so happy to be told he looked like a gayboy! hehe.

I had just gotten out of my outfit when Bodymods boy arrived and we went out to buy some munchies at a store near there which had a deli counter. noom noom (and I bought some pickled herring to bring home)... once again I didn't get to sleep before 4:30 am once we had eaten and discussed the day

So, I think that is a very long entry for now. I shall recount Sunday (which is a much shorter story) tomorrow I believe. I have some work to do now.


Me, wenchie.

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