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Hold on to what you believe even if it is a tree which stands by itself.
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Hold on to my hand even when I have gone away from you.
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Friday, Apr. 01, 2005 - 4:49 a.m.

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WARNING!!!! if you know me personally, you may read my diary, but if you do, you take the chance of hearing things you don't want to know, misunderstanding what I've written and being hurt by it. If you are unsure if it is ok to read, save yourself and me the grief and heartache, and ask first!!! Please note that this is a DIARY, ie my subjective feelings, hearsay, suppositions, and outpourings of ranting of the moment. It does not represent objective news, the whole of what I think of a topic or someone, or even a thought-out representation of any of the above. Keep that in mind. Thanks. * Here is a Diary Etiquette Read Me.

Productive Day With Korean Kash

ACK! Somehow it is nearly 5am again. HOW does that happen? The big guy in the sky is busy moving the hands on the clock forward I swear. And the bad thing is that I think on Sat or Sun night, the time DOES go forward an hour. That is a huge bummer for me. zoop! it is 6am instead of 5am. Dang.

OK. First I'll tell y'all what I did today, and then after I'll put some of the South Korea work. Just for a goody at the end.

  • I drew my comics page
  • I drew two cover pages for new minicomics
  • I took back a half pound of organic butter that had mold on it when I opened it and exchanged it for new butter
  • I called the bank and found out that my first South Korea payment of US$ had come through, so they are legit. yay!!!
  • I got a community carshare car and...
  • I went to the bank and moved the South Korea money to Cdn $, and took out cash for my trip to San Fran
  • Idropped off the South Korea drawings at a Fedex outlet
  • I bought new ink for my printer
  • I stopped at the granola-y foodplace and got biodegradeable laundry detergent
  • I stopped at the arts center and dropped off my watercolor painting for the gallery
  • I got a new hospital card at the hospital
  • I got the new mole on my head looked at... it is NOTHING AT ALL, said my doctor, NOTHING AT ALL... yay! that is exactly what I wanted to hear. Though she said it was from scratching my head. I dunno. I don't scratch my head. If I did, I might've felt it was there before having a head shaving barber run his shaver into it. I pick my zits. I pick my nose. I don't scratch my head.
  • I got my blood test to see if my anti-foot-fungus pills are killing me
  • I turned in the filled-out form to my doctor's clinic (that is a story.grrr)
  • I stopped by a bike shop and bought a new innertube for my bike tire so I'll stop having a flat
  • I did a load of doggy laundry
  • I had dinner out so the proceeds would go to the city's AIDS foundation... and someone at the restaurant bought one of my comics so I gave that $20 as well
  • I wrote checks to pay four bills
  • I called Crappy Tire's mastercard hotline to bitch that they charged me $1.17 interest on the $3.06 interest I hadn't paid last month (you know the story... you pay a bill completely, but it arrives four days late, so you get a bill with only the interest on it... grrrr... I owe 31cents to Sears! Who the hell writes a check for 31cents??)... that's 33% interest... on interest!! in one month! The guy erased the $1.17
  • I changed a bunch of South Korea drawings to the correct size for webpages
  • I did a load of my own laundry
  • I sprayed all the plants for bugs finally, and swept the floor and washed where they were gooping plant juice
  • I washed the kitchen floor

OK I think that's it. It was one of those satisfyingly insanely productive get all sorts of shit done days. It was also insanely filled with little annoying hics, mostly of stupid insane people, or just bumblingly weird people.

My friend l'Editeur (I could call him L'Ecrivain but that would be confusing with my other friend L'Ecrivaine!) dropped off the $50 he pledged for my head-shaving... but weirdly enough didn't ring the bell though he has been trying to see me to hang since before Christmas. He said he doesn't dare ring before 2pm in case I'm sleeping. I said it's fine. He said sleep is sacrosanct. I said I want him to ring. He said he didn't want to chance it. I said, goddamn, I had been up for an hour when you came by, and was sitting at my computer, you came to my door, stuck an envelope in the mailbox about 10 feet from me, but didn't knock or ring. That is just silly and annoying. GRRRRRRR. Sigh. So much for "do unto others as they would have you do unto them". grrrrr.

Oh well.

The bank was annoying. For some weird reason the South Korea people wire transfered $3491.69 US instead of $3500. Why? who knows. But if there was a fee, it should come out of their pocket, not mine. So, anyways, I asked the teller to take it out, transfer it to my Canadian $ account. She withdrew it. And then said "oh, the computer doesn't accept cents in the program to exchange the US $ to canadian"... apparently for the stupid reason that they only carry bills of US cash. Now that is understandable... the cash part. But there was no cash. There was only numbers of US$, an exchange rate, and numbers of Canadian $. "oh, but it will only take round figures of dollars" she says. Does this make ANY sense whatsoever when they multiply by the exchange rate, which today was 1.1945 or somesuch?? Let me see. If you take $5.00 US you get $5.9725 Canadian... since it calculates in FOUR decimal places. How the hell can they insist on exchange rates of four decimal places, but cannot have ANY decimal places in the dollar amount? $5 is computable to $5.9725, which is rounded to $5.97. But $3491.69 which is computable to $4170.8237 doesnt... it seems just as easily roundable to cents as the four decimal # gotten from the round $5, non??? Fuckers. So she had to redo the whole transaction to take out either $3491 US or $3492 US. Sigh. Stupid stupid stupid.

Then at the hospital for the blood tests I took a number. There was like three other people. The thing went "ding!" and the number turned to 829. Mine was 833. So I settle down and start to draw a comic. Several people go in and out and some take numbers. The thing goes "ding!" and I look up and the number is 836. hmmm. So I say "what happened to 833?" and the woman is like well, you were absorbed in whatever you were doing. Hmmm, I was absorbed in waiting. I guess it goes ding just whenever, and not when it changes to a number. But when no one comes up for their silent 833, they must just change it to 834 in seconds... like the l'Editeur thing, I was sitting about 10 feet from the woman who takes blood, but in sight with a bloodtest form, my health card and a hospital card and my # all sitting on the chair beside me, also in plain sight. sheesh. Most places they ding or go "NUMBER 833???" out loud. poopface.

Then I went to take the filled out form to the clinic in the basement. I had a 5pm appointment and had gotten this paper on the 30th that said "fill this out and return it to the clinic by April 4th or else"... and since there is no way in hell on earth that Canada Post could get something across town from Thursday to Monday, I was bright and brought it with me in person. The woman behind the desk is sorting exactly the same sort of green papers, all filled out, into piles. I hand her... no I TRY to hand her my paper. She is "what's that?" I said "well it's this form I was sent and told to bring it". "Who are you supposed to give it to?" "It just said return it to the clinic" "you don't know who it is for?" "No, it didn't say, how would i know? I don't work here". "well, I don't know what it is" "it's a form exactly like those you are sorting" "I don't know what these are I am sorting them" "well, could you take mine and give it to whomever it goes to?" "No, it must be the day people" "Well, it didn't say return it during the day, and it is only 5pm" "I don't have anything to do with that paper" "Could you NOT take it and GIVE it to a day person?" "Don't get aggressive with me!!"

HELLO??? let's see... the woman works there. She is the one on after 5pm. Everyone who is a member of this clinic must have gotten this paper in the mail that says "return to the clinic", and two business days before the deadline she is refusing to take it because it is "not for her"?? HELLO?? let's see. How bout "thankyou, I'll put it on the secretary's desk" or "thankyou, I'll put it in your doctor's inbox" or "thankyou, I'll take care of it" or whatever?? She needs someone to put red ants in her underwear or toothpicks in her ears she does. Hell, a bloody gas station attendant could take a piece of paper for his boss and put it somewhere the boss would find it in the morning. And this is a fucking hospital. Yay for the 'it's not my job" squad.

You know what?? Them President's Choice or whatever brand they are, cream profiteroles with chocolate sauce totally rock. mmmm. The pastry isn't sweet. The cream isn't sweet. The chocolate sauce isn't really sweet. But it all melts in your mouth. mmmmm. Enough in a box for at least TWO treat days. mmmm

And the $1.17 for a month being late paying $3.06 interest on a paid bill was just the last stupid glitch. A weird day. None of the glitches actually kept me from accomplishing my tasks. But if they were tests of my tolerance of stupidity, I failed. Each and every one annoyed me to no end and I felt like boxing their idiotic ears. I guess they only do that in books and movies from the 1950's. No one would box anyone's ears now, especially not children.

There was an article in the newspaper about schoolbus drivers. Kids spit on them, dump food on them, scream obscenities and racist shit at them, and there isn't much they can do. They complain to the parents but often it is the parents who modelled that behaviour. Discipline is not a real big thing these days. Time out in your room for twelveyearold with a cellphone, ipod and internet access isn't really so bad eh. I have seen this sort of assholeish behaviour on the schoolyard here after the highschool let's out and let's just say it is sort of like a mass gathering of Clockwork Orange. Stay out of their way. The last time I peeved some of them kids off they kicked the hell out of the car I was in. I was glad i was in a car. Or I would have spit in my ears and feet in my gut. What did I do to peeve them? I continued to advance SLOWLY SLOWLY SLOWLY in the car to get out of the parkinglot when they were all walking in front of the car BACKWARDS without looking and they bumped into the car they smashed on it with their fists and bookbags and wouldnt move. Yay. Stupid twits. I kind of wish I'd ran over a few of them. No I don't, I'd be in jail. Sigh... I sympathise with the bus drivers. I'd quit.

That Terri Shiavo has died. Thank god. Now they are fighting over WHERE she will be buried. In the plot she bought with her husband, or in another city where her parents live. Dang. Let everyone who would fight over my body die before me please. Sheesh. Dignity my ass.

And the Pope is in a coma

OK the pictures. I gotta get to bed. Alladem are COPYRIGHT 2005 wench77 Click to see a bigger picture in another window as per usual

To give you an idea of the scale of the work, I did about 49 pages of color drawings like those, and about 28 pages of black and white drawings. Did all the final drawings since March 3 or so. Dang. Since Jan 1 I did all the Dog Gang book, all the Leo's Dog book, and all these two books. That is not bad for three months I swear. Insane actually.

OK, hope you like.

Have a good night.
Remember to eat profiteroles
Sleep tite
Me, wenchie

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