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Hold on to what is good even if it is a handful of earth.
Hold on to what you believe even if it is a tree which stands by itself.
Hold on to what you must do even if it is a long way from here.
Hold on to life even when it is easier letting go.
Hold on to my hand even when I have gone away from you.
- Pueblo Blessing

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Friday, Jul. 02, 2004 - 6:08 a.m.

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WARNING!!!! if you know me personally, you may read my diary, but if you do, you take the chance of hearing things you don't want to know, misunderstanding what I've written and being hurt by it. If you are unsure if it is ok to read, save yourself and me the grief and heartache, and ask first!!! Please note that this is a DIARY, ie my subjective feelings, hearsay, suppositions, and outpourings of ranting of the moment. It does not represent objective news, the whole of what I think of a topic or someone, or even a thought-out representation of any of the above. Keep that in mind. Thanks. * Here is a Diary Etiquette Read Me.

Off Jazz on Canada Day

Well, it is already past 6am. So much for getting the dog washed, the bathroom cleaned, the backyard trimmed, garbage put out etc etc. hehe. I really have to stop being so ambitious. It just makes me feel inadequate when I don't live up to my projected goals. Sigh!

I had a lovely day. I hung out in the park with an ice tea and some of the other doggy owners, and brushed my doggies (in anticipation of her having a bath tonight). One of the other women (a dyke... non, a LESBIAN, not a dyke) said that I am not the only one who dislikes mr. smarmy, a guy who always sneers at me, always finds some way to either put down what i'm saying, or agree in a tone that shows he thinks I am out to lunch, or comes up with something disparaging to say. I said I didn't like the guy (when he left today arm and arm with a couple of other women... straight femmey ones)... and the lesbian said "you're not the only one. He is horribly misogynist". mmmm. And then she said something about him being gay and the straight girls liked that. mmm. For some reason, since he was so misogynist yet chummy with the straight girls I assumed he was straight. Very interesting. I guess that explains why he never seems to have a girlfriend. But I've never seen him with a boyfriend either. Just his dogs and some of the other doggy owners with whom he seems to get on like wildfire, with his smarmy fake smile. I dunno. He gives me the creeps.

Anyways, other than mr. smarmy, a really nice afternoon in the park. Then I got cleaned up (ie a white shirt which I would NEVER wear with the doggy!) and went to meet my friend l"Ecrivaine across town for dinner.

She had spotted some Caribbean resto near the metro station and wanted to try it out. She had second thoughts when we arrived and it was deserted, but the menu looked good. So we went in. Totally the kind of place I wouldve ended up in with ob, checking out the downhome cooking from another culture. The food totally ended up being great, and no nonsense, and the service lovely. I had curried chicken with plantain, and some spinach mush stuff which was delicious. The rice had blackeyed peas in it. And I had a pineapple pop... sort of a carbonated pineapple juice. L'Ecrivaine had BBQ chicken with rice and a ginger beer, which was delicious, like a cool refreshing version of gingerbread. mmm.

Unfortunately we were so full after totally finishing off our plates that we had no room to try any of the desserts or other drinks. They also had many kinds of fish and jamaican patties etc. I'd like to go back.

After the chatty meal, we headed off to the OFF-Jazz Festival (we have a huge international Jazz Fest here in Montreal every summer) show l'Ecrivaine had bought tickets to. The venue was cozy and cute, but the spectators were sparse. The group was from Nova Scotia and were called "Les Blancs Brillants" Dany Oore Trio. (According to another site, saxophonist Dany Oore is Halifax's most adventurous artist!!) The mc introduced them as two brothers and a friend, whom he had met at Banff (School of Fine Arts). Well, jeesh, it was like a trip down memory lane to me, since they turned out to be a bunch of artsy fartsy white boys who liked to goof around and make noise, much like the ones I hung with when I was in Banff.

Not really something you need to pay to hear. It started out with them removing their shirts and donning white coveralls and huge white tshirts, and other bizarre items, such as a SARS type white face mask, prospectors headlamps, and one guy put a pair of white underwear on his head over his huge fluffy hair. mmm. It just got worse. They basically played every toy and instrument they could get their hands on, including the balloons hanging off their mics, (which l'Ecrivaine said sounded like wet farts to a reggae beat), toy kazoos and well, just anything that could make noise. Every once in awhile they managed to have a beat. Every once in awhile. It just seemed they were interminably (like for two hours before the first pause) making improv noise with all their toys. Goofy. I bet their parents were glad they were in a bar in Montreal and not doing that once again at home.

L'Ecrivaine said she was glad her girlfriend wasn't there, cuz there would be a lot of disparaging comments about the spending of public funds on the arts (since they had been "discovered" at Banff). We left at the pause, and in that we were more polite than the other ten people who walked out while they played. I did score a bite-sized Coffee Crisp bar... one of the guys was making opening the bag crackling sounds with a huge bag of them, and then threw them at the audience. We also got handed balloons (to "play") and other things like bells and tambourines, so got to clatter along a bit with them. I clinked my glass with my spoon. yay.

So, it was an amusing night with good food. After fleeing the "music", l'Ecrivaine and I sat outside on a bench and chatted for another two hours. I realize that most of the friends I have that have lasted over the years (I know l'Ecrivaine for a good 12 years now) are chatty. A good thing. yeah.

I didn't get home til quite late since we chatted til the last metro, nearly 1am. And then i goofed up and got off one metro stop too early, and had to walk (and windowshop boohoo) about 15 minutes to get to my bike. Walk the doggie and then do some sketches for the adult language book (some for TO and some for the states)...

And thus it is 6:28 am now and I have not washed the doggy or clipped the back lawn. But that's fine. A nice day. Happy Canada Day to me happy canada day to me.

nite nite.

signing off,

wenchola pattola

kiss kiss!!

For your amusement, we are reproducing here a bunch of anti-bush quotes. Sorry to those of you who voted for or plan to vote for, the guy (if we can call him a "guy") :)

"Kerry is well on his way to reaching his magic number of 2,162. That's the total number of delegates he needs to win the Democratic nomination. See for President Bush it's different, his magic number is 5. That's the number of Supreme Court judges needed to win."
-- Jay Leno

"There was a scare in Washington when a man climbed over the White House wall and arrested. This marks the first time a person has gotten into the White House unlawfully since President Bush."
-- David Letterman

"A new poll says that if the election were held today, John Kerry would beat President Bush by a double digit margin. The White House is so worried about this, they're now thinking of moving up the capture of Osama Bin Laden to next month"
-- Jay Leno

"The White House is now backtracking from its prediction that 2.6 million new jobs will be created in the U.S. this year. They say they were off by roughly 2.6 million jobs."
-- Jay Leno

"President Bush said he was 'troubled' by gay people getting married in San Francisco. He said on important issues like this the people should make the decision, not judges. Unless of course we're choosing a president, then he prefers judges."
-- Jay Leno

"President Bush released his new $2.4 trillion federal budget. It has two parts: smoke and mirrors."
-- Jay Leno

"It's weird watching President Bush struggle with excuses for why we went to war. As he struggles, it reminds us all what a terrific liar Bill Clinton really was."
-- Craig Kilborn

"As you know President Bush gave his State of the Union Address, interrupted 70 times by applause and 45 times by really big words."
-- Jay Leno

"President Bush said that American workers will need new skills to get the new jobs in the 21st century. Some of the skills they're going to need are Spanish, Chinese, Korean, because that's where the jobs went."
-- Jay Leno

"President Bush wants to build a space station on the moon. And from the moon, he wants to launch people to Mars. You know what this means. He's been drinking again."
-- David Letterman

"Former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill has written a book about his years with the Bush Administration. He said that President Bush while at cabinet meetings is disengaged, he's uninformed, distracted, he's passive, and the Democrats are saying to themselves " how can we possibly beat this guy?"
-- David Letterman

The new Prime Minister of Spain has called the war in Iraq a disaster, and plans to bring his troops home as soon as possible. In fact, President Bush is so upset at Spain that he is now threatening to close down the border between Spain and the U.S.
-- Jay Leno

"Dick Cheney finally responded today to demands that he reveal the details of the Enron meetings. This is what he said. He met with unnamed people, from unspecified companies, for an indeterminate amount of time at an undisclosed location. Thank God he cleared that up."
-- Jay Leno

"Plans are being discussed as to who will replace Dick Cheney if he has to resign for health reasons. It's not easy for President Bush, he can't just name a replacement. He would first have to be confirmed by the oil, gas and power companies"
-- Jay Leno

"President Bush spoke briefly to reporters before playing a round of golf in Crawford, Texas earlier today. ... This raises the question: Shouldn't the guy who is really running the country and who has had like 20 heart attacks be taking the vacation?"
-- Craig Kilborn

"According to doctors, George Bush has the lowest heartbeat ever recorded by someone in the White House. Well, second lowest. Dick Cheney got his down to zero a couple of times."
-- Jay Leno

"While speaking to conservationists this week, Dick Cheney made it clear that he plans to deal with the rising gas prices by drilling in our federal wildlife refuge in Alaska. Cheney tried to sway his opponents saying trust me, there's enough oil up there to last us the rest of my natural life."
-- Tina Fey, on Saturday Night Live's "Weekend Update"

Back in 2000 a Republican friend warned me that if I voted for Al Gore and he won, the stock market would tank, we'd lose millions of jobs, and our military would be totally overstretched. You know what? I did vote for Gore, he did win, and I'll be damned if all those things didn't come true!"
- - James Carville

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