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Hold on to what is good even if it is a handful of earth.
Hold on to what you believe even if it is a tree which stands by itself.
Hold on to what you must do even if it is a long way from here.
Hold on to life even when it is easier letting go.
Hold on to my hand even when I have gone away from you.
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Sunday, Aug. 29, 2004 - 4:02 a.m.

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WARNING!!!! if you know me personally, you may read my diary, but if you do, you take the chance of hearing things you don't want to know, misunderstanding what I've written and being hurt by it. If you are unsure if it is ok to read, save yourself and me the grief and heartache, and ask first!!! Please note that this is a DIARY, ie my subjective feelings, hearsay, suppositions, and outpourings of ranting of the moment. It does not represent objective news, the whole of what I think of a topic or someone, or even a thought-out representation of any of the above. Keep that in mind. Thanks. * Here is a Diary Etiquette Read Me.

IdiotTenant does the Teenager thing, and Poster Pics

Well, I decided to upload the math poster pics I finished for Wed and Friday... Boy, of course now that my work is done no one is going out on Friday and Saturday night. ACK...

So I am home doing things like uploading pics, scanning sketches for the dog book to send to the author, trying to see the layouts of the inuit book that the designer sent me on cd... no go on that one. Actually for some reason the cover in Quark came out fine on my puter, and looks scrumptious. But the rest of the book, which is what I wanted to check to see if they got the layout right per my sketches, wouldn't open.

Not on my puter cd drive, not on my burner cd drive... it kept giving me wonky error messages, some with exploding bomb icons, and my computer kept freezing. Had to restart about 5 times. So, no go on checking the layouts. But at least I tried.

Well, here are the images... you can see a larger image if you click on the thumbnails below. It goes without saying that they are all COPYRIGHT 2004 WENCH77, yup. Do not steal things. (of course none of my readers would even think of it).

So, yup, I got my comics done yesterday and today. I screamed at the annoying stupid upstairs tenant. He continued to give me reasons to scream. I got to both of Mi*dori's workshops... Flogging 101 yesterday, and Predicament bondage today... very fun. And came home like a good girl to walk doggies and yesterday watch the L-Word and today to get some work done.

First the tenant. Yesterday when the boyfriend of the tenant came to the door I was less than happy, and mostly said "look take her info I'll call her". Well, they signed a "Cession of Lease" with her apparently, and took a check from her, and left a message saying that on my machine.

Did they give me her phone # yesterday after they'd met with her? no. Did they give me her phone number last night so I could call her today? no. Did they give me her phone # today so I could call her? no. How the fuck can I check out a girl they have promised the apartment to if I have neither her name nor contact info???

So today I see them moving furniture out again... and I'm like "where the hell is the info on the girl? not in my mailbox or my phone when you said she was upstairs and I was sleeping, not in the afternoon, not at suppertime, not in the evening, not late night, not this morning, not at 3pm today" (yes, that is how many times I checked in case they got around to leaving it)...

The idiot said "oh, yesterday you were angry when we came to the door when you were sleeping, so I had the envelope but I didn't give it to you cuz you raised your voice".

Um, does this make sense, anyone? You can leave a five minute message on my machine saying you have met the girl, you have checked her out, you have signed a lease thingie with her, you have taken her check, but you cannot leave her name or phone # on the message.

I raise my voice, and so you cannot put a piece of paper into my mailbox (did I mention that I was sleeping and then I was at the coffeeshop drawing my comic, and then I was at the workshop, so I was home (and awake) a total of about half an hour between noon and 11:30 pm, and thus NOT standing growling in my front yard between the front gate and the mailbox so he couldn't access it.

Does it not strike anyone as counterproductive, if I am already angry at them doing things backwards and half assed, to then NOT give me the info I need because I am angry? Chaosdaily should recognize that behaviour from her 13 yr old son. Son does something to make mom angry. Then son says he won't do anything cuz mom is "yelling at him". Little Criminal used to pull the same trick. Say he'd do something for days, not do it, then when I got angry, he said "I was going to do it but you bitched at me"...

Is not that a bit backwards?? I bitched cuz you didn't do it, not you didn't do it cuz I bitched.

The idiot tenant also said "you bitched at me about coming to your door, *I* never came to your door, you bitch at *me* for no reason".. Um.. let me see.. no YOU didn't come to the door, you sent your boyfriend, who doesn't have a lease with me and doesn't even live in the building... I'm sorry... it is YOU who are signing an lease, you who have invited someone to see the apartment etc... why should I get angry at your messenger?? jeesh...

And he also said that he didn't give me the info about the new girl because I "bitched on the phone"... remember yesterday I left a message saying "do not ring the doorbell without calling to see if it is a good time for me"?... apparently that was so out of line that he is withholding things. yup.

He also said "well, YOU ring MY doorbell to get the rent check"... JEEPERS!!!! I ring HIS doorbell because it is past the first of the month and he hasn't paid his bloody rent yet. If he put his check in my mailbox there would be NO REASON for me to ring is fucking doorbell... Four tenants who have to pass up and down past my front door with a mailbox, and I have to ring two or three doorbells on the 2nd or 3rd of the month every fucking month... "um, please, money??"... yeah, his fucking example of why I come to his house is just another example of him not fulfilling his legal obligations. Stupid stupid jerk.

Anyways, he went and got a paper in an envelope finally after I yelled some more...

and guess what?

Thank god i decided to look at it before I left the house even if I didn't have time then to call the girl, cuz It was only the "cession of lease" paper, and he left the telephone # space for the girl empty... there was only an address for a distant suburb. Now THAT will help alot on a Saturday afternoon when the girl wants to move in in a day or three. A letter to her would take a week one way. Stupid little fucker.

So once again I have to stomp upstairs and go "hello??? the CONTACT INFO OF THE GIRL?? ".. all his friends are "your landlord is a bitch"...

amazingly he is the third out of four tenants to leave since I bought the building. Every other person was capable of giving me a written notice weeks or months in advance of leaving, with the desired leaving date, their new address, and the name and contact info of the proposed new renter... they rang the doorbell, handed me a paper and said "I want to move out, here is the info"..

Did I yell? no. Did I get stuck on the spot making decisions? no. Did I have to chase them for info or be obliged to meet someone on the spot while I'm in my pjs? no. Funny how I am selectively a bitch eh. Must be the perfume he wears.

So his boyfriend finally gets out a paper and pen and writes down the girl's contact info, her current landlord's #, her job info etc. Why the fuck they didn't put that in my mailbox yesterday or give it to me when they rang my doorbell I have NO clue. Except that this idiot seems to think that if you have made your landlord angry once, it is a good reason to continue to make them angry....

When i had said that I couldn't believe that he still hadn't given me the info he had, he said "well then, i'll let her move in and i'll keep the lease and take the money from her, but you're not seeing rent from me til the 20th of the month, cuz I have 20 days to pay before you can legally throw me out... just see if you get your rent money. And you can't have the bookshelf we told you you could have"...

Fuckin baby (sorry, I realize I am going on, this is like bitchfest therapy for me)... HE doesn't give ME info and when I demand it he threatens me??? fuckin fucker.

And you know he's right. I couldn't do a fucking thing... he's taken out all his furniture. He is moving in with boyfriend, and I have no addy or anything for him there, I had no info on how to get hold of the girl, and once she is there she could say "i'm subletting" and I cannot dislodge her without a legal proceeding, and I cannot throw him out until he has done a nonpayment of rent for 20 days several times (and he only gave me verbal notice of moving out, so legally there is no proof he is even moving out so I couldn't rent it to anyone) Oh, yeah...

Did I mention that they kept saying "what's your problem? you have someone to live in your apartment, why would you care who it is?"... um, because I don't want another fucker like YOU perhaps? Someone who railroads me and then threatens nonpayment and lets anyone move in instead of the person I vetted and signed a lease with?? Um yeah, why would I care eh. I don't care if someone has wild parties or burns down the place, has a dog that pisses on the floor or who puts their fists through the walls.. .really why should I give a fuck.

Did I mention that here in Quebec it is illegal to take a deposit? When signing a lease you can only take the check for the first month's rent. So all of you who say "guess who's not getting his deposit back"... hahaha. If he fucks the place over I have to take him to small claims court etc. Did I mention he hasn't left me a forwarding address??? And quit his job so I can't get him there either??

Anyways, I finally got the girl's info after chasing it down... and after that things went well.

I called the girl, she answered the phone. Yay. She was in the area and so dropped by to meet me. She said she thought they were doing it backwards, to take a check from her before I'd even spoken with her, and they seemed in a huge rush and pushing her. ahhh funny that.

Can I say now that I am a bleeding heart liberal white person?? white bleeding heart liberal person?? It is true, I am positively prejudiced. yup. I HAD wanted to rent to someone who had a hard time of finding a place... ie the woman with the threeyr old, or someone like the now-idiot-tenant who has a large dog. And this new tenant woman shows up with a small child in tow... 6 yrs old not 3, but sweet as hell.

No the child does not come with her... it's a friend's kid I think, but it pushed my stupid ass buttons. And both the child and newtenant are black yup very quite black... and there is my liberal whiteassed prejudice. She got the apartment.

I DID call her landlord and he said she was fine.. .but who knows. I said I'd call her job on Monday, but that there shouldn't be any problem (she has worked for 2-3 yrs for a medical insurance company)... so I signed a lease with her.

And I softened up the kid with dolls and juice and stuffed toys and kids books. She was terrified of my doggy when she arrived (I tied doggy up in the front yard) and when she left she actually ASKED to pet the doggy, and DID! brave kid.

Did I mention that my bleeding heart liberal white person ass buys nonwhite and handicapped dolls? So I could offer her a black Kelly barbie doll and a native male doll (from some Disney movie probably)... I left the Cabbage Patch Kid with leg braces in his box, but if she'd been a leg-brace kid I wouldve been a suck and dragged it out too.

So, I have helped the ethnic diversity of our white plateau area, and the stupid ass tenant is out out out.

Did I mention that his threat to take the woman's $ and then not pay me my rent is just so much smoke?? He signed a "cession of lease" paper, and I checked it out... that means he is not subletting.. once he signed that he is no more a renter of mine than joe who on the street. So the girl pays me directly.... incredibly he told her that the check she wrote for me for Sept 1, he DIDN'T give it to me because I was ANGRY!!... it is HER check written to ME, and he the little shit, is hanging onto it.

I told her that she gave it to him she'd have to get it back... really, I had nothing to do with that exchange. She wanted to know if she could move in tomorrow since he'd moved his stuff out. But I can't say anything about that either, cuz he signed a Cession for Sept 1.. so legally it is his apt til midnight on Aug 30th, and he hasn't given me back the keys nor mentioned to me when he'd be out out.

Of course not... why tell me anything? After all, remember, the rule is, if you act like an ass and make someone angry, it is an excuse forever more to not do anything. Not leave a written message, not leave a phone message, not give contact info when you DO leave a written message, not to pay the rent, not to give a bookshelf, not to give a check that belongs to someone else.

I dunno... sounds like I should ring the doors of everyone I want to screw around and demand things of them while they are sleeping. Then if I insist enough and they get impatient, I can use that as an excuse to fuck them around forever more.

"ring ring" "hello editor lady, I know that you are sleeping now, but I want to know if you want to have this drawing done tomorrow or the next day? Can you tell me right now if you want this drawing changed? Really, I need to know, cuz I'm gonna finish it right now, oh you are sleeping? well if you're up at 8am can I come back while you're eating breakfast? could you come over cuz I don't want to do your drawing and I have another artist in my studio RIGHT NOW who will do the drawing in my place"...

yup. I can see it now. The editor finally goes, jeesh, LEAVE ME ALONE AND WRITE ME AN EMAIL. And then I can not finish the work, leave a message saying I have signed a contract with someone else (but not tell the editor the new artist's name or #), and then refuse to deal with the editor cuz they got angry when i was at their door. It seems like a good way to get out of a hell of a lot of things. Jobs, dinner dates, giving people back things I've borrowed, hell, there is no end to the things I could bug people about at inappropriate times and then use their reaction as a forever reason to not do what I am supposed to.

Anyways, I am ranting now yes I am.

So I will stop.

And hope the new lady is nice, and a good tenant. And that the idiot tenant will not tear out the walls before leaving (though he DID tear out the kitchen cabinets which I said he could do on condition he put them back when he left... um, guess Dad'll have another job in October... tenant put up shelves instead which he is taking with him...stupid little shit tenant).

Ok, hope the new lady is nice, hope the nice little girl (she was VERY polite: said please and thankyou for her juice AND put all the toys back in a box when she left!!) visits again.

And I had a fun time at the Predicament Bondage workshop... will write more about that later perhaps. Now I totally have to go to bed, cuz tomorrow I have to make dip (you see the plan to get rid of more veggies?)and get a car cuz I am going to my friend Hotsauce's bbq in the so-far-into-the-burbs-it-is-countryside... and early enough that I get in a lot of visiting before I have to leave at 6:30 pm to go to the Advanced Rope Bondage workshop and demo. Whew!! What a crazy crazy week.

Did I mention that when newtenant lady and little girl came over I suddenly noticed that there was a huge red silicone dick in the dishrack with the clean dishes? Oh, how I smoothly flung the dishcloth over it? EEEPS!

Nite nite all, and esp those of you who stuck it out to this non-bitter end.



me, dawench

ps, I think I am going to get one of those little spyeyes put into my front door, and unless it is Fedex I am NOT opening it when I am sleeping. AND get my doorbell changed to a soft dingdong instead of shake-the-meat-off-the-bones-of-the-dead alarm sound. No more asses telling me "but when we woke up you said 'blah blah blah' ...maybe you don't remember cuz you were sleepy but you DID say 'blah blah blah'.". no more.

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