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Tom - 2004-07-02 05:22:17
Will you stop being so damn prolific AND intruiging? I spend all morning sometimes catching up on your stuff! Awww, that poor old Sherpat. It always gets to me reading about faithful old friends starting to fail. *sigh* Ah well, I'll go to the mall and ogle some 15 year olds in hip hugger jeans. That always cheers me up. No tent clothes for THEM, thank god!
Gina - 2004-09-18 17:00:15
Hey! I got to you looking for a way to make homemade shisha...who knew? And while scanning archives of journals (after reading a disclaimer that actually frightened me a bit, thinking about what I might accidentally see while searching), I came across white girls wearing hijab. I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to research this issue which intrigued you and making some educated statements about it. I'm Muslim, and also white, but I have read many of the links about the Scarves for Solidarity events and I think I would be quite happy if I saw a woman, greeted her as a Muslim, and she explained to me that she was experimenting with the hijab to better understand how people are viewed, and to see how she felt in it. I personally feel safe and respected when I'm covered, and agree that some women almost "over-cover" in order to seem the most pious. Ultimately if you have a beautiful face and the Qu'ran instructs you to cover everything but your face and hands to those who aren't relatives, well then it's a bit weird to cover up your face for no reason or to wear bulky black cloaks that actually attract a LOT of attention to your body. I have an American clothing company for sisters in the US who want to dress modestly and don't want to look like they're from Saudi or Pakistan or some other country who has cultural Muslim clothing. I believe one of the main points of modesty is to attract attention to your mind, not your body. I also think that in the West, wearing hijab attracts attention to you anyway. So to be in a black cloak draws more attention to you than modest but culturally accepted styles of clothing. It's my way of contributing to the normalcy of western Muslim sisters, I think. So I didn't find the shisha recepie, but I did enjoy reading your comical and witty journal, and your views on a pretty controverical issue. Thanks, Gina

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