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Hold on to what is good even if it is a handful of earth.
Hold on to what you believe even if it is a tree which stands by itself.
Hold on to what you must do even if it is a long way from here.
Hold on to life even when it is easier letting go.
Hold on to my hand even when I have gone away from you.
- Pueblo Blessing

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Thursday, Aug. 19, 2004 - 1:23 a.m.

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WARNING!!!! if you know me personally, you may read my diary, but if you do, you take the chance of hearing things you don't want to know, misunderstanding what I've written and being hurt by it. If you are unsure if it is ok to read, save yourself and me the grief and heartache, and ask first!!! Please note that this is a DIARY, ie my subjective feelings, hearsay, suppositions, and outpourings of ranting of the moment. It does not represent objective news, the whole of what I think of a topic or someone, or even a thought-out representation of any of the above. Keep that in mind. Thanks. * Here is a Diary Etiquette Read Me.

Stupid Human Quote Refuted

Ack, I hate quotes sometimes. If I had lots more time and energy I would make a new website refuting quotes that people MUST think hold some truth, or why do they quote them?

The one today is:

"Man is the only animal that laughs and weeps; for he is the only animal that is struck with the difference between what things are and what they ought to be." -- William Hazlitt

That is just stupid. Sorry. My dog laughs. She does. She laughs when she is happy. She laughs when she steals another dog's toy. I have seen other dogs laugh when they are teasing someone... ie my father trying to catch my dog to take away her ball.

And weeping. Apparently elephants weep. Most animals are "struck with the difference between what is and what ought to be" in a "inspires weeping" emotion sort of way... mostly when they are struck with death of a loved one. My cat didn't leave the spot where his dead friend last lay for three days after his body was removed. Elephants will stand in grief around a dead troupe member.

My dog knows the difference between what things are and what they ought to be, every day at 8pm, when she knows I am working and not getting her leash, and the way things ought to be, is that it is 8pm and it is walkies time. She gives me huge guilt eyes (normally she ignores me... until 8pm), and huge sighs. She darn well knows what ought to be, and is letting me know that what is does NOT match up properly.

What kind of stupid androcentric person thinks that man is the only animal who knows these things? Who has never seen a dog go to a place he thinks there ought to be food, or water, or a friend, and not noticed the disappointment when the food is gone, the water dry, the friend absent?

Who has never seen a chimpanzee play, or make a joke or tease and then laugh?

Why do people say "the only animal who" when we know so little about animals that we've researched to death, and almost nothing about animals we have not allotted grant money to?

They used to say man was the only animal that made and used tools, til proven false. Then they said that man was the only animal who CREATED tools, vs instinct, til proven false.

They used to say that babies don't feel pain when you circumcise them too. Let's just say that humans in general are ignorant self-centered and arrogant. How bout that.

But I wouldn't even say they are the only animals who are those things.

Go read my other entry tonight if you like.

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